Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are exploding in popularity in fields ranging from art to science and everything in between—bioengineering included. While these tools have the potential to bring about significant improvements in healthcare, the systems aren’t perfect. How can...

The Technology-Based Healthcare Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for Illinois graduate students to work collaboratively with Mayo Clinic researchers and clinicians on a translational research project aimed at developing new technologies and clinical tools. To get the most from the...

When Yogatheesan (Yoga) Varatharajah, Ph.D., began his Technology-Based Healthcare Fellowship with the Mayo Clinic & Illinois Alliance as a member of the inaugural graduate student cohort, he knew very little about the value of cross-disciplinary collaborations. 



Illinois and Mayo Clinic collaborate to lead NIH funded Big Data to Knowledge Center of Excellence.

Coordinated Science Lab graduate student Zachary Stephens is changing the way medical experts examine and analyze this vast amount of DNA in the human body, ultimately contributing to the trajectory toward individualized medicine.

An interview with University of Illinois senior, Elena Wilson, about her internships at Mayo Clinic and the Yale School of Medicine.