Three-dimensional microscale hanging drop arrays are useful in drug discovery, regenerative medicine, stem cell research, and biotechnology.

Researchers brought together by the #MayoClinicIllinoisAlliance have developed a new technique to study "microcancers" and screen cancer-fighting drugs.

Although the development of secondary cancerous growths, called metastasis, is the primary cause of death in most cancers, the cellular changes that drive it are poorly understood. In a new study, published in Genome Biology, researchers at Mayo Clinic and the University of Illinois Urbana-...


Illinois and Mayo Clinic collaborate to lead NIH funded Big Data to Knowledge Center of Excellence.

Coordinated Science Lab graduate student Zachary Stephens is changing the way medical experts examine and analyze this vast amount of DNA in the human body, ultimately contributing to the trajectory toward individualized medicine.

An interview with University of Illinois senior, Elena Wilson, about her internships at Mayo Clinic and the Yale School of Medicine.