Graduate Student Opportunities

Fellowships for Technology-Based Healthcare

Deadline for Priority Consideration: February 1, 2017.

View the complete application details, listed on the UI Graduate College website.

The Mayo Clinic and Illinois Alliance announces its Technology-Based Healthcare Research Fellowship program, launched in 2016. The fellowship offers two years of support for University of Illinois graduate students conducting research on new technologies and clinical tools aimed at advancing individualized medicine. Areas of interest include high performance computing, big data, software development, imaging, nanotechnology, point-of-care diagnostics, bioinformatics, systems biology, genomics, and tissue engineering. Applicants must be enrolled in a participating department. Currently these departments include Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Bioengineering, and the CompGen Initiative. The fellowship includes a $30,000 stipend, coverage of tuition and select fees, a $5,000 research and travel allowance, and a one-year on-site mentored research opportunity at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

IT and Bioinformatics Summer Internship at Mayo Clinic

Bioinformatics Systems Unit within the IT Division of Research and Education Systems Support at the Mayo Clinic at Rochester, MN, has an ongoing summer internship opportunity for Illinois IT students. Specific position and project descriptions focus on the Center For Individualized Medicine (CIM) scientific programs with the goal of discovering and translating research into clinically viable solutions for patients. The internship consists of working on tasks within multiple project areas of the Bioinformatics Systems Unit.

View the job description for summer 2018 internships. Urbana campus students get priority consideration for these internships when applying by December 1, 2017. Students should complete the application form and upload their CV. The CV should include GPA, list completed computer science courses and those currently registered for, and any computer science project experience. Email with any questions.

Computational Genomics Course

This week-long intensive course for biologists and clinicians, organized by the Mayo Clinic and Illinois Alliance, covers the basics of computational genomics while integrating the latest technologies and computational methodologies. University of Illinois faculty teach lectures and lead hands-on laboratory exercises in a variety of subject areas, including genome sequencing and assembly, polymorphism and variant analysis, epigenomics, and visualization for the clinic.

Please visit the Computational Genomics Course website for more information.

More Opportunites

During the first two years of enrollment in the Mayo Medical School, students have six weeks of didactic training followed by two weeks of selective courses and programs. The medical school has established various Masters-level programs for students interested in earning a masters degree in addition to their MD. This degree is commonly pursued via the two-week electives, and then one year of concentrated studies inserted between the second and third year of medical school. The Alliance plans to offer MS programs targeted to Medical students in Bioengineering, Informatics, and the Executive MBA at the University of Illinois.